This collection of NFTs paints a story to chill the bones. Out of the circle of fire, these bones dance, the dance of the dead. If you gaze too long you will fall into their trance and see death in their eyes. These bones are not to be feared but to be celebrated. Become a part of the history of these collectibles to help them live on for eternity.

Join us as we continue to unearth these bones…get your unique nft today!


Fvckz Mvsic

While exploring various soundscapes, these were formed…

Fvckz Given

It is refreshing to see a group like Dead Fvckz putting our unique Art and Music in the form of NFTs!  Bravo and keep up the good work!

Dead Fvckz brings the excitement back into the NFT world.  Their Dead Dudez and rev_c_music NFT collections are hot!  Can’t wait to see their future collections!

Our Latest Fvckz

Dead Fvckz has quite a bit planned.  Our latest colleciont, Cryptodira Evol contains 8984 unique NFTs several of them with rare properties.  Included are 25 Special Edition NFTs…an example.   Our next collection Dead Dudez is a custom and unique art collection that continues to grow.  The Fvckz Music collection are various instrumentals with more pieces planned.  And there are plans for several other collections.  Our roadmap is underway.  Our future is bright and we welcome you to the Dead Fvckz family.

Roadmap v1.0 🎉
Create website and social media presence – DONE
Open Discord and start building the community – DONE
Open merchandize store with Cryptodira Evol on our site – DONE
NFT BOGO Giveaways to followers to kick off the project – DONE
Random Cryptodira Evol NFT airdrops for holders – DONE
Raffles on Discord to win even more Cryptodira Evol NFT – DONE
Roadmap v2.0
Under development – stay tuned 🚀

New Dead Dudez

Even though this is our first NFT art collection it is still very important to us.  Our plan is to put out 1 to 2 new NFTs in this collection a week.  Each NFT is designed by our Professional Graphic Designer.


More Fvckz Mvsic

This collection of Original music started with 15 songs and there are plans for adding several more songs, including a full length album.  Each song is recorded and performed by our professional Mvscian.


Coming Fvckz

Dead Fvckz have a couple of large and very unique NFT collections planned and are currently under development.  Cryptodira Evol is the first and another one is soon to follow.  Stay tuned.


Follow Future Fvckz

Dead Fvckz has a Twitter and Instagram account, followed by this website.  Our Discord server will highlight present and future NFT Projects and keep us active in the NFT community.

Dead Fvckz

Dead Fvckz has only begun to reveal various rare collections of Art and Music.  One NFT collection is Dead Dudez, which is a constantly growing Art collection.  We also have a Fvckz Music Collection of Rev C Music which includes all original scores.  We Dead Fvckz have much much more to come so we thank you for your time and support!  The future is bright!

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